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OMG Saif Ali Khan’s name in Bulgaria’s wild boar hunting case

saif ali khan
saif ali khan

Just two months when the Chote Nawab of B Town was seen getting acquitted in the most famous blackbuck poaching case, the actor is back again in similar case. As per the recent buzz, the Mumbai Crime Branch has now recorded his statement in his alleged connection with wild boar hunting case in Bulgaria. As per the media reports, the Bulgarian government was seen writing to the Interpol about the record of Saif Ali Khan statement once the Bulgaria Police was seen booking his agent. The actor’s statement was seen recording being a witness to this case at the Mumbai Crime Branch office in Bandra. The Mumbai Crime Branch was seen acting on the official communication received by the Interpol.

The Crime Branch officials informed that the actor happens to be the witness in the case probed by the Bulgarian Police hence they had to record the statement of the actor. A group of officers from Mumbai Crime Branch was seen visiting his place and then recorded the statement.  The other official told the press that an agent from Bulgaria was seen hunting a wild boar for the actor without taking any permit hence he was booked for managing the hunt without getting the license. This made the Interpol to intervene in this matter. We know Bulgaria to be among the top hunting destinations for the foreigners and then as per the rules of the country you need a proper license to carry out the hunting, which was not the case in this matter allowing the police to act.

However, if you look in the case of India, it is not possible to get such a licence for hunting the wild animals as it is prohibited under Wildlife Protection Act (1972). This is the reason the poaching case has been bugging the top actors of B Town including Saif and Salman Khan along with the slew of actors of the film Hum Sath Sath Hai when they gunned down the black bucks. Though the other actors were acquitted in the case but Salman was sentenced a few years of imprisonment for the same. However, the Race 3 actor is out on bail for the said case after staying 2 days in Jodhpur case.

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