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Kapil Sharma Makes his return on Microblogging site – Twitter

kapil sharmaKapil Sharma often denoted as a comedy king is back in news and this time he is making news for returning on the microblogging site – Twitter. The actor who has been dragged in for a number of controversies since past few years, he was seen taking a two month’s break from the social media and was seen going hiding after his recent meltdown. However, to everyone’s surprise, he was seen getting resurfaced on the microblogging site called Twitter and was seen holding a chat session with his followers in order to reconnect with them. He was seen tweeting – “Hello friends .. hope all well and then he announced his chat by saying let’s have a chat tonight by 11 pm .. He then gave Punjabi tunes to listen for his followers on Twitter.

He then said Chalo now good night and continued trying to change my life style love you, bless you. We know the comedian has had his meltdown over the social media past two months before and then was seen having distasteful things after we see the actor Salman Khan was seen getting convicted in the blackbuck shooting case. We also saw an audio clip getting viral about his abusive phone call to a journalist for covering his controversial story. We saw the things going bad to worse when the call recording was shared online.

We then saw Kapil Sharma going one step further and abused some users on Twitter who seemed to have disagreed with him. However, later his team came like a damage controller group to delete the said tweets. Yet, all their Their efforts seemed to have gone in vain when Kapil was seen taking up his account on Twitter stating that what he has written has come from his heart and it was his team who deleted his tweets and continued that he is not scared of the reporter to whom he addressed as kutte bikaayu reporter as he can write anything rot against anyone for some money. Then his tweets invited people to comment some suggesting wishful thinking and others had some other stories to narrate.

Kapil Sharma Tweets
Kapil Sharma Tweets
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