Monday, December 6, 2021
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OMG: Pooja Bhatt was trolled on Social Media and termed as an alcoholic

Pooja Bhatt was trolled on Social Media

The Kathua rape case has been the key story of many media houses and many celebrities were seen picking up the story calling it a grave story while expressing their concern over the social media. In fact, the entire nation was seen raising their voice against the crime and has been demanding a death penalty for the rapist who first raped and then thrashed her to death. The miscreants remained the target of the entire nation but all the Bollywood celebrities as well who came out to express their opinions against this horrendous crime. Recently, we saw Amitabh Bachchan during the promotion of his upcoming film ‘102 Not Out’, too was asked and he was seen refusing to comment that also turned an issue in the social media.

Big B has the media not to rake up the issue and then said that he is disgusted to hear about it. This led a confusion in many even the Bollywood yesteryear Diva Pooja Bhatt. She went on Twitter to remind Big B about his film Pink wherein he played a key lawyer who went on to save the girls. Writing about the megastar she said that she cannot help of  being reminded of a film Pink and can our images on-screen be reflected sometime in the reality? This comment by the lady (Pooja Bhatt) brought huge amount of comments and tweets that ended up in making a troll out of it.

There were many users who got her battle with alcoholism in the picture and one man wrote “A known alcoholic trying to gain publicity by using the name of a legend.” To which Pooja was seen reacting saying that she has left the addiction and is recovering out of it and further said that she is proud of it. She said when people do not confess about their drinks she has come forward to accept it and now getting rid of the same.

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