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5 Bollywood Divas who dated Cricketers But never got married

The Bollywood and cricket in India are among the glamorous professions in India. They have been linked too often for many reasons. Though some of them have proved out to be a couple while others have dated but have never got married. The Virat-Anushka marriage is the example of a successful union of a B Town diva with a Cricketer similarly the example of Zaheer Khan also have the same story to tell as he also got married to Sagarika. However, there are a few divas who though dated the cricketers and have been in relationship with them but they had not dated anyone, let’s 5 Bollywood Divas who dated Cricketers But never got married as under:

1). Deepika Padukone and Yuvraj Singh

Deepika Padukone and Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj has been known as the charmer among the ladies particularly in the B Town. He has been seen dating a few B Town actresses, which include Deepika Padukone and Kim Shaarma as well. The two dated each other for long and thus was seen getting married to Hazel.

2). Isha Sharvani – Zaheer Khan

Isha Sharvani - Zaheer Khan

The fast bowler also remained the heart throb of many he was earlier hitched to Isha Sharvani before he got married to the other B Town diva and model. The two announced their relationship but soon got broke off perhaps as Zaheer was seen dating Sagarika soon.

3). Neena Gupta – Vivian Richards

Masaba Gupta - Neena Gupta and Vivian Richards

The two were seen in an unconventional relationship as they did not get marry but had a child. They remained in a serious relationship to have a child out of the two despite the fact that Neena never got married to this man.

4). Amrita Singh – Ravi Shastri

Amrita Singh - Ravi Shastri

The two have remained the headlines many times as they were spotted at various places but soon they parted ways to marry different people.

5). Nagma – Sourav Ganguly

Nagma - Sourav Ganguly

This was the relationship that invited too much of buzz in the media thanks to cool looks of Dada and lady Nagma but their love story was small as Dada went on to marry his childhood darling Dolly. So, which is your favorite do let us know ?

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