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OMG: Kapil Sharma upsets Navjot Singh Sidhu

The controversies with Kapil Sharma doesn’t seem to be ending and we once again see another controversy being embroiled by Kapil Sharma. Just many though that the stand up comedian is getting away from any controversy, we get to hear the new one propping up. Now, as per the latest buzz, we hear that he has now disappointed the laughter kind of his own show, Navjot Singh Sidhu. In fact, he was among the one person in his came whom many thought would never be upset or hurt by the comedian. But as per reports, this has happened in reality and things have turned sour between the two.

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As per reports, Sidhu was not able to be on the shoot due to his health problems, which made the comedian replace him with Archana Puran Singh as the laughing guest for the said episode. And as the laughing king heard about it, he didn’t feel good for obvious reasons. He called him to express his anger to Kapil as the matter of fact Sidhu doesn’t like Archana a lot and hence was upset about she being roping in by Kapil in his place. On the other side Kapil was seen pleading Pa ji that he was unable to shoot with empty chain hence had to call the lady but Sidhu was in no mood hear him.

Well, this was something, which no one thought would happen but considering the furore, the stand up comedian has to cancel the shoot and ask the actor Arjun Rampal to return giving him the excuse of ill health. In fact, he has done the same with SRK and other actors calling them and  not shooting the films. Also, the TRP of the show has been hampered a lot due to all the fuss that surrounds the show. Well, time to comment on this new and let us know what do you think about Kapil and his actions.

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