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OMG: Kangana Ranaut wants to rename SRK Pathaan film to Indian Pathaan

As Kangna Ranaut on Pathaan, Kangna Ranaut tweet on Pathaan, Kangna Ranaut tweets, Kangna Ranaut news, Kangna Ranaut movies, SRK movies, bollywood news, entertainment newsto Twitter once her account is unblocked by the authorities, she seems to have posted a blasting tweet. She wants to change the title of Pathaan to Indian Pathaan stating that it sounds like the one from Afghanistan Well, the fact is renaming a movie title can be a tricky process and one that is fraught with potential controversy. According to recent reports, Indian actress Kangana Ranaut has expressed interest in renaming the upcoming SRK-starrer Pathaan to Indian Pathaan. The film is based in the land of ‘Pathaans’, a semi-nomadic Muslim tribe.

Ranaut has argued that the name change would make the film more accessible and relatable to a wider audience. She has also expressed her belief that it would give the film a more ‘Indian’ touch, thereby increasing its appeal. However, the name change has been greeted with mixed reactions. While some have supported the idea, others have argued that it would be an inaccurate representation of the ‘Pathaan’ culture. Some have also suggested that it smacks of cultural appropriation and could lead to further misrepresentation of a culture that has traditionally been marginalized and oppressed.

Let us check her tweet first and then the reactions as under: 

At the end of the day, it will be up to the film’s producers to decide whether or not to rename the movie. Whatever the outcome, it is clear that the decision will be an important one. 


Ziya Khan


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