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Manas Kumar on how blockchain technology can be a revolution for the education industry

The world has evolved to great levels technologically. From AI and extended reality to machine learning, multiple technological aspects have unfolded in different sectors, and blockchain is one of them. While the term wasn’t very familiar before, in the past few years its impact has been measured in different segments. And if you ask Manas Kumar, he says that blockchain has tremendous effects on the education industry too.

He understands that this is one of the greatest technological shifts that has happened to mankind, and if it is entered into the educational world, it can take the system a notch higher. But how? To explain this, Manas Kumar has shared his stance on how blockchain can revolutionize the education world. After all, working with UAE’s Ministry of Education has allowed him to snatch a closer look at this landscape!

He says, “Blockchain has many advantages in the educational world, and the main ones are decentralized storage, traceability, and transparency.” Manas Kumar further adds, “Earlier, accessing certificates and academic records was done by following a lengthy process, which indirectly hindered the growth of the education field. This isn’t the problem with blockchain-based software, which is instant and maintains transparency.”

Manas Kumar also underlines how this technology can be used to maintain e-transcript. He says, “We all know that producing transcripts is the most time-consuming and laborious job. Blockchains can offer tamper-resistant storage of sensitive data, for say, a student’s independent grades, which can benefit not only educational institutions but also recruiters. By building e-transcript, blockchains can make the process manageable and cost-effective.”

Blockchain can improve the financial aspects of education. Manas Kumar says, “It can be used to manage teacher wages and student scholarships by creating a transparent system.” The modifications that this technology is making to education are truly astonishing.

During an interview organized by GuyWay Events in Dubai,Manas Kumar discussed use cases of blockchain in relation to Education Industry. He said, “UAE, especially the Dubai is creating more opportunities to start new businesses in the blockchain along with giving a space to well known established companies for starting their businesses” He went on to say, “Blockchain is not only about crypto; it’s about understanding the technologies and it’s proper applications. Now these days,many firms are building platforms to educate people about blockchain technology and its advantages over traditional methods. “

Manas Kumar has been working with the UAE’s Ministry of Education as an educator for years. He started as a teacher and has always been connected to the educational realm. He is also an active member for many blockchain meetups and events. He used to deliver his thoughts and ideas in various platforms. Being a blockchain influencer, he has established himself as one of the renowned personality in Dubai in blockchain industry. We hope that he will keep guiding us with his valuable thoughts and opinions.

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