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OMG: Designer Rohit Bal is behind the bars for threatening his neighbor


Rohit-bal arrested
The influence of alcohol seems to be a bad thing and have often proved fatal not just for the man or the woman who is drunk but the people who surround as well. It can lead a man with tender heart and innocence to the devil and cruel fellow. Hence we get to see some stringent rules being designed against drink and drive and many more things. This is the reason why we have laws against the people who drink beyond their limit and mess up things. In B Town we get to hear such incidences of people being under the influence of alcohol has made things a big mess.

In the recent similar incidence, we hear about the Fashion Designer in B Town called Rohit Bal who was arrested with three other men for creating the mess with alcohol. They were seen threatening his neighbor while they were all drunk in his colony (Defence Colony) in South Delhi during the early hours this morning informed the police. When the three men started creating ruckus over the streets, the three Lalit Kumar, Ramesh, and Pramod along with the singer were seen forcefully entering into the house of Mr. Iqbal Singh. He then called the police to see the arrest of the three claimed Ishwar Singh, the deputy commissioner of Police (South).

The complainant, Mr. Iqbal also claimed that the named four men were seen under the evil influence of alcohol and started creating mess after entering into their home creating all ruckus. This has led the case against these four men, which were released on bail. As per their spokesperson, the issue seems to be resolved now and that the fight is over, which was started with the car parking. And the four men are taking rest. So, any comments!

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