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OMG: CBFC demands 10 cuts for Kangana Ranaut’s Simran

As we see Kangana Ranaut currently busy in promoting for her upcoming movie called Simran, we get to hear the Censor Board asking for 10 cuts from the film. The film is based on a Gujarati NRI girl called Simran, which is played by none other than the Ranaut herself. The film is loosely based on a life of a lady from US who originally hails from India and loved to steal and play in casinos till she was put behind the bars for not returning the money to the people she owed. The film is made by Hansal Mehta and he chosen Kangi as he felt that he simplicity makes the Simran character larger-than-life.

Since the advent of the trailer of Simran, the film enjoys a very good fervor and buzz in the media while the stir, it has put in the media is being appreciated a lot by the audience. So, as we know that every film has to pass though the scissors of Censor Board, Simran too had similar story to tell about the certification. Well, as per reports, the film has a number of cuss words like b..h and bast…d, f..ck and so on, which the Censor Board has found objectionable, hence it is obvious to see the board asking to delete the scenes or add the beep sound in it. The board has been very much categorical when it said that Derogating women by gesture or language will not be allowed by the Board.

Interestingly, Simran was seen grabbing the headlines till recently for all the bad and wrong reasons thus entering into the bad books. Even the film was embroiled into a controversy when we saw the lady writer of the film called Apurva Asrani complaining that she was not given the right credit. She was also seen a word of fire with Kangana in the tweets.

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