Monday, January 17, 2022
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OMG!! Barbie Doll Pixie Fox Spent 1.65Lakh Pounds for Surgery Video Went Viral


Before you move you move on to the video, can I ask you a simple question? How much do you love yourself? I know the answer is like anything, but how about if I’ll say can you spend 1.65Lakh Pounds on yourself? The answer will be of course a diplomatic however we do have a stunning example for you, check this out..Soon after getting inspired by Jessica Rabbit like a crazy fan one of the renowned Swedish living doll Pixie Fox have done a surgery and have removed six ribs from her body through operation.


However just to look like a Barbie doll she have done 16 surgeries for which she has spent a big amount of money i.e. 1.65Lakh Pounds out of which only 85 thousand pounds were used as expenses are overhead. Moreover if we talk about herself in deep then she belongs to North Carolina with 25years of her age. As per the sources the video which you are watch right here have gone viral all over the globe and as of now within just one day 8Million people have watched it. – As per the sources, Why don’t you have a look here..


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