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OMG! Anuj gives up on his relationship with Anupamaa, MaAn to separate?

Television’s popular show Anupamaa witnesses a never-ending drama between the Shahs and Kapadias, and it seems like Anuj’s patience has finally come to an end. Anuj Kapadia is tired of the daily arguments caused by Shahs, so he decides to take a major step that will frighten all MaAn fans.

We saw how Bapuji went missing and Baa, aka Leela, blamed Anuj for everything while receiving her son Vanraj Shah’s support as usual. Not just this, Vanraj also dragged Anupamaa into the matter and blamed her as well. Later, Bapuji arrived at Kapadia’s mansion and lashed out at Leela for always being despicable. He apologises to Anupamaa and Anuj and says that both families should maintain a distance from each other to stay in peace.

Upcoming Drama to separate Anuj and Anupamaa?

In the coming episodes, you will witness Anuj being so pissed off that he decides to give up on his relationship with Anu. He will tell her that they are not a perfect match because they both have high expectations from each other that neither of them can meet. This shocks her to her core. With this heartbreaking statement from Anuj, is there a hint of MaAn’s separation? 

Kavya also decides to take a major step after watching Baa and Vanraj’s never-changing attitude. The fresh twist has left fans wondering what’s going on, as they are also done with the daily drama in Anu-Anuj’s life. It has been reported that Choti Anu will die in the upcoming track, leaving Anuj shattered. He will blame Anupamaa for the loss and return to America, leaving her all alone.

If this happens, it’s a serious thing to worry about for all the MaAN fans.  

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