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OMG: Ali Asgar & Chandan Prabhakar Kapil Sharma Show Reportedly Boycott Kapil Sharma’s Show After Alleged Fight

Ali Asgar & Chandan Prabhakar bycott

It appears that comedian-actor Kapil Sharma’s public apology to co-star Sunil Grover has done little to mend bridges, not only with Mr. Grover but also other actors on The Kapil Sharma Show. An episode that was recordedon Monday – after Kapil allegedly assaulted Grover on a flight – was allegedly boycotted by actors Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar, cast members who portray significant parts in The Kapil Sharma Show.

A source close to the show also told the media that Mr Grover, who is reported to have quit the show, is allegedly resolute about not returning. “Clearly there are major upheavals happening on The Kapil Sharma Show. Sunil won’t return. Ali and Chandan too boycotted the show. That leaves only Kiku sharing the platform with Kapil. Of course, Navjot Singh Sidhu who is very close to Kapil, also remains. But for how long?” quoted the source as saying.

Sunil Grover has reportedly notified Sony Entertainment, the television channel which airs The Kapil Sharma Show, that he’s quit the show. “Sunil has decided not to return to the show. He is contractually bound with the Channel (Sony Entertainment) and not with Kapil Sharma‘s production house. Sunil has already made it clear to Sony that he cannot return to the show after Kapil’s unruly conduct.”

The media reports that Sunil Grover has quit. While there are other media reports that claim that Kapil Sharma is denying about the fact that Mr Grover had exited and would ask him in person. This disclaimer could simply be part of Mr Sharma’s attempts at damage control – in separate posts on Facebook and Twitter, he has downplayed the spat, passing it off as a ‘family matter’ and later tweeting about visiting Mr Grover at his home.

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