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Niraja Samant : A perfect name for tarot card reader, numerologist and healer.

Niraja Samant
Niraja Samant

Niraja Samant is a well known tarot card reader, numerologist and healer based in Mumbai. She does business, career and relationships guidance and does yearly predictions. She councils and heal different areas of life phenomenally. she also makes yearly prediction on Bollywood movies, Telefilms, celebs and politics.

  1. Talk something about you?
    Ans: I am educationally a engineer and professionally a holistic healer and holistic councillor.
  2. Engineer is high reputable careers itself, why you have choose holistic healer and councillor as career over engineering?
    Ans: People need healers world need healers and people choose cricket, acting, advertising and so on over engineering so why not holistic healing. Though in my case I never decided or planned to become holistic healer and holistic councillor, it was true inner calling.
  3. There are so many tarot card reader, numerologist, healer with different modalities available in market, can you advice people how to select the one for themselves?
    Ans: There is nothing right and wrong or some hard and fast rules, but there can be lill check list you can go with. First of all there is no term like market for spiritualism. So if bargains are happening its big no. Secondly if someone is telling you come to me and I’ll solve your all problem its No again, as the person who make healing available can only make it available how much to use is up to you. Thirdly, if somebody claiming this is how your future is and this is what gonna happened then its No. Forth, tarot, janam kundali, numerology are there to guide you for your future. Your future is your free will you can change it if you are willing to change and make some effort to change. Find someone who makes you available with possibilities. Also, Don’t run behind degrees and certification of your healer, it is important to know if your healer have took proper knowledge but getting certified by famous name doesn’t mean they have all knowledge. Concluding, follow what you feel light about. Anything and everything feels hard will be hard on you.
  4. You said spiritualism is not market but people have to pay for it, what are your comments on it?
    Ans: Energy exchange is all together different term. Energy exchange happens to make people responsible. Nobody value free things in life. If somebody paying for something they will ensure if they really want that and if they pay for it they will use it till the desired outcome not occurred.
  5. What modalities you use to heal your clients?
    Ans: Well I practice various modalities and I won’t be able to name the modality before I meet my client or even after meeting my client. Because I generally ask to the being of the clients what would they like to receive to get healed many a times its mixture of two or three different modalities together and keep free flow.
  6. Why you are better than other’s ?
    Ans: For me it is not important if I am better than others, what is important is my clients get value and benefits from my healing. I am passionate about helping my clients heal and make their lives better living place.
  7. What you would say to readers?
    Ans: Awareness is key to success. Be aware and be open to infinite possibilities.


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