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New urine test may reduce the need to draw blood

Now, the scientists have invented a new way of testing different ailments in human body, which can be done by urine tests rather than the blood. This would be a quicker testing option, which promises cheaper and better than current urine and blood tests claimed the researchers from Clemson University in South Carolina. The protein byproducts of certain diseases and even drugs are seen ending up in trace amounts in the urine. For example, they are seen revealing early signs and symptoms of heart troubles and diseases. However, this is not the case with the current methods of testing.

In their research paper, the team of doctors were seen describing on how they packed the C-CP fibers over the plastic tubes along with passing off the urine samples via them in a centrifuge spinning for around half a minute. Then the doctor has to simply rinse the tubes with the help of de-ionized water in order to wash the same with salt and other contaminants. As you know the proteins will not going to dissolve in water and thus would remain struck in the fibers. Currently, the researchers are under the testing and trial phase, and soon would embark with it, which will prove out to be a boon for the patients.

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