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New Twist in Preity-Wadia controversy – Wadia gets a threat call from underworld

Ness Wadia Preity Zinta

With every moment a new twist and turn seems to unfold in the infamous case of Preity and Wadia. This time it came in the form of a threat call coming from underworld asking him to shun the case against Preity. As per sources, Nulsi Wadia the father of Ness Wadia has come up with this complain to the police informing about the threat call from the mafia world. According to him the caller has asked to harm their family business, though it is still not clear whether this call has any connection with the lady in trouble – Preity Zinta. Yet many media reports and analysts are proclaiming to have links between the two. If this connection is debated then her connection with the underworld would be soon be claimed by the people in Ness Wadia’s camp.

Hopefully both the cases are two different issues or else Preity is going to face the heat for falling to such a lower level to teach his ex boyfriend a lesson. The Wadia’s are expecting support from the police in sorting out the matter, while even seems to be saying that with any swift action against the lady would give good leads in this case as well. But at the moment, there is no clue about the connection between the call and Preity Zinta.

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