NBA and NFL stars continue to keep their faith in John Jacquish


According to Dr John Jaquish, this new wave of transition towards weight training is due to the impact it has on the performance of the body. This has pushed Dr John towards enhancing, not only the gym enthusiasts’ muscle training, but also for some of the most prominent NBA and NFL stars.

Dr. Jaquish’s 400k+ followers-strong Instagram profile is an inspiration to everyone interested in fitness due to the rich content about the right fitness techniques backed with scientific fact. A man of science, Dr. Jaquish is a disruptor in the fitness industry. According to him, having a perfectly developed muscular physique is not that complicated at all. However, there is a lot of misinformation about fitness programming floating around on social media which ends up being counterproductive.

“Tens of millions of people work out at home, or at a gym and after six months or year end up quitting after seeing close to zero results. It’s not because they’re lazy. It’s because, for a given period of time, they follow conventional advice and get nowhere.” says Dr. Jaquish. He is a case study in this himself, having drastically transformed his physique over the last two years, all while significantly cutting down the total amount of time he spent working out.

The fitness world that usually runs on revised traditional machines, Dr John Jaquish was able to formulate a sleek X3 bar to revamp muscle training. “It is a device that can promote three times faster muscle growth than any other traditional means. To fulfil its purpose, the bar takes muscles into a journey of deeper level of exhaustion that is not possible with regular weight training”, believes Dr John. Many NBA and NFL stars, who are currently at the peak of their fitness, have been spotted using this device.

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