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An astonishing movie “Naya Pata” with the fragrance of Bihar culture is set to be released in the end of this month i.e. 27th June 2014. A movie by a debutant director Pawan K Shrivastava, It’s all about a migrant and his terrific struggle for his livelihood. Featuring Abhishek Sharma and Yashwardhan Singh are the leading roles in the entire movie.

Although the movie seems to be quiet simple with a slow pitch but it has a uniqueness of its characters, songs and tracks which actually magnifies the viewers to watch it. A common man who’s struggling for his job after shutting down of Sugar industry in Bihar where he was previously working for, due to which he migrates to Delhi leaving behind his entire family and a young wife who loves him a lot. After long years when he returns the things are really different than it was and at this point of time he faces his identity crisis that falls on him.

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