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Nawazuddin Siddiqui Speaks about Manjhi

nawazuddin siddiqui in manjhi

Manjhi is a real story of a man called Dashrath Manjhi who decided to break down the mountain single handedly just to slash down the distance of 70 kms to just 1 km to reach out to other town for immediate medical attention and other emergencies. He decides to do this in the wake of his wife’s demise as he fails to reach out to the other town to get immediate medical attention. For the audience one big reason to catch up this film is Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Nawaz who is known for being polite, gracious and talented is indeed one of the best actors of B Town.

Nawaz was seen talking about his character in this film, which he relates to his personally. He said he can draw much from the character of Manjhi since he knows the value of relentless struggle. He said, he has seen such rough patch in different people’s life, which helped him to connect with the character the best. The film was shot in Bihar for around 45 days to shoot where the so-called cursed mountain of Manjhi was seen. The village where the shooting was completed was found out to be the most backward places in India with no electricity no light no people in sight and so on.

At one end the circumstances was difficult, which even compelled Nawaz to call this character as one of the toughest job on screen. One man breaking the entire mountain with one hammer without any external help for around 22 years is an incredible story to believe. Siddiqui was seen spending one month in the village trying to learn the lifestyle of Dashrath to translate the job perfectly over the silver screen. He called Manjhi- The Mountain Man as a journey not an anecdote.

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