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Consuming Wine Daily Increases the Risk of Breast Cancer among Women

If you are a woman who consume wine on a daily basis, its time to get rid of this idea as it bring in the issue of Breast Cancer in you. As per as US based study even by consuming light wine can increase the risk of having breast cancers among women to a great extent.  Alcohol is among the popular cause for cancers of different kinds, which include liver, colorectal, larynx, etc. A good amount of study conducted in the United States has suggested the same for the heavy drinkers.

As per the study, the women consuming even 15 g of alcohol can prove fatal to them and increase the chance of having breast cancer. 15g of alcohol is around 118 ml of wine glass or around 355 ml bottle of beer. This study was conducted by researchers team from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in association with the Women’s Hospital based in Boston. The study carried out on the health sample collected by around 88,000 women in the past few years, which make the effort commendable, so, Beware! . The research study was published on the online edition of the British Medical Journal covering the issue of alcohol.

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