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Naseeruddin Shah calls success of The Kerala Story’a disturbing trend

Even though Adah Sharma starrer ‘The Kerala Story’ turned out to be a huge blockbuster the film is not escaping controversy soon.

At the recent interview Naseeruddin Shah called out the success of ‘The Kerala Story’ ‘disturbing trend’. He says “the success of ‘The Kerala Story’ suggests that we seem to be heading the way of Nazi Germany where in Hitler’s time, filmmakers were attempted to be co-opted by supreme leader to make films praising him and running down the Jewish community”. “There were so many German directors who left Germany and came to Hollywood and made movies there because they refused to be drawn into this, but there were few who got drawn into this and same thing seems to be happening here. Naseeruddin Shah also gave example of films such as Bheed, Afwah, who despite getting positive reviews failed at the box office because audience is not interested in watching films that show them the truth.

Naseeruddin Shah is not the first veteran actor who has openly called out ‘The Kerala Story’ as propaganda film. Just few days ago in the IIFA press conference veteran Tamil actor, filmmaker and politician Kamal Haasan also labelled ‘The Kerala Story’ as propaganda film.

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Meanwhile, ‘The Kerala Story’ has grossed over Rs. 230 crore nett in India making it the second highest grosser Hindi film of 2023 after Pathaan. The film is now heading to gross Rs. 250 crore as it’s lifetime collection. Helmed by Sudipto Sen the film also stars Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, and Siddhi Idnani. The film tells the stories of three young girls from different parts of Kerala, with the primary focus on Shalini, who is kidnapped and later converts to Islam.

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