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Nanu Ki Jaanu Review : Don’t even think of catching this horrible movie – a total waste of time

Nanu Ki Jaanu

Genre – Comedy

Star Cast: Abhay Deol, Manu Rishi Chadha, Patralekhaa, Rajesh Sharma.

Director: Faraz Haider

Rating – 2.0


Meet Nanu played by Abhay deol who happens to be a deadly land mafia. He meets a road accident in which Siddhi played by Patralekhaa gets critical. Nanu who then acts like a good guy was seen taking her to the hospital  while on the way we dee Siddhi in a grave condition falling for him. She then dies on reaching to the hospital giving her father with a deep shock. Her father played by Rajesh Sharma refutes about her death and is seen keeping dead body intact over the ice lid. On the other wise, Nanu feels that he is haunted by a ghost and then Siddhi comes to her rescue, so what goes next is interesting to catch.


The film has been inspired by a Tamil movie called Pisasu and the makers have added some changes in the script of Pisasu. There is something really unjustified and melodramatic stuff in the film when we saw the ghost falling in love with Nanu who happened to be a dreaded man but soon turns nothing with his haunted place. We often hear that logic in such movies has little to apply but if it soars to the next level it can be deadly experience for all. So, what you get to see is sheer nonsense in the film.

Abhay Deol seems okay but he needs several movies to keep his qualm over the silver screen smooth.Patralekhaa though seen in the film but she is totally missing rather seen in the 10-15 minutes of role and that too in a special VFX as she happened to be a spirit and thus has not much to showcase. Talking about the production values of the movie, it seems to be good but as the story of the movie is seen so bizarre nothing really is seen shining out.

Nanu Ki Jaanu The Last Word

The film has gone beyond its genre giving a confusing message to the audience as it keeps on changing its genre – drama, comedy and then to horror spoiling it in a big way. As said there are good and the bad films and this can be called falling in the latter category, but Nanu Ki Jaanu has good actors like Abhay Deol it is sorry to see how talents are being wasted with such a weird movie.

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