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MS Dhoni Trailer Launch: Revealing the Untold Story in Front of 35k Fans

MS Dhoni Trailer Launch

A cricketer whose journey of life was something called pinning nail after every now and then, however as it is well said ‘As You Sow So Shall You Reap’ – One of the renowned statement which we’ve heard in our childhood days but do you know we have a perfect example for the same in Bollywood? Check this out..

He’s none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni who has seen his entire life from a Railway Ticket Collector (TC) to a billionaire Cricketer and just to remind you all, the makers Neeraj Pandey is on verge to explore real life of the cricketer in front of the audience. So guess what, the makers and Dhoni are on the floor to spark the trailer in front of all.

However can you guess the location where the team is coming up? Guys Its nothing but Lovely Proffesional University in Jalandhar, Punjab wherein the Untold Story is unveiled in front of approximately 35,000 people. In addition to this, during the launch one of the fans had urged him to show his famous helicopter shot to which he entertain the audience with the same. As per the sources it is said that he was too impressed with the trailer and especially with the response and said the makers have come up with a glance of my old memories with the face of Sushant Singh Rajput.


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