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Mrunal Thakur books tickets for her recent film for the entire staff of a coffee house, here’s why!

Bollywood celebrities have a large fan base not only in India but also beyond. Celebrities are frequently seen overwhelmed by their followers’ devotion and affection, even when they perform ridiculous things for them. Actor Mrunal Thakur recently had such an experience when she went to a coffee shop in Powai, Mumbai. And she purchased tickets for the entire crew as an expression of gratitude for their wonderful and pleasant hospitality. They all wished to see her film in the theater in between their rigorous work schedule.

Mrunal Thakur is a well-known name in the industry now. The actress started her career in Television and has successfully made her career in films.

Mrunal says, “It’s incidents like these that really touch my heart and make me feel grateful for getting the opportunity of doing work that is credible enough to be recognised and appreciated by so many people around me. The staff at this coffee house was so sweet and generous in their hospitality and wished to see Jersey whenever they get time from their busy schedule with this thought that I couldn’t help but do something in return for their kind behavior and love for the film. Each and every one of them greeted and congratulated me for Jersey, spoke about how much they loved me in my previous films as well. My heart was full and it truly made my day.”

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