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Mr & Mrs Mahi Box Office Collection Day 15: Surpasses 35 Crores on 3rd Friday

In its second week, the film “Mr & Mrs Mahi” had a decent performance, with an additional collection of just under 10 crores. The film had already garnered 24.89 crores in its first week, and the expectation was that it would maintain a similar pace in the second week to achieve a lifetime collection of around 40 crores. Fortunately, the film has met this expectation. Even experts are vouching for the collection at the Box Office. You need to keep on checking it over at the box office.
However, it must be acknowledged that the film had the potential to perform even better and aim for a collection of 13-15 crores in its second week. This would have given it a real chance to reach the coveted half-century mark in terms of lifetime collections. Unfortunately, the trend in the first week did not indicate that such a feat was likely. Moreover, the sudden release of the film “Munjya” had a significant impact, as it not only registered strong numbers right from the start over the weekend but also throughout the entire week.
On the contrary, the Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor starrer has managed to do decent business. With an additional 1 crore coming in on the third Friday, the film has crossed the 35 crores mark. Currently, it is not only competing with “Munjya” but also with “Chandu Champion.” While reaching the 40 crores lifetime collection mark seems assured, it remains to be seen how much further it will go beyond that. Overall, the film “Mr & Mrs Mahi” has had a fair second week, meeting the minimum expectations in terms of collections. It has performed decently at the box office and continues to attract viewers. As it moves forward, it will face competition from other releases, but its current trajectory bodes well for its overall success. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. 

Ziya Khan


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