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Aamir Khan’s Son Junaid Khan’s Debut Film ‘Maharaj’ Faces Release Hurdles as He Prepares for Fourth Project

Junaid Khan, the son of renowned actor Aamir Khan, is currently facing challenges regarding his debut film “Maharaj” as it undergoes scrutiny. Originally set for release on June 15, the film has been put on hold after objections were raised and a notice was issued by the High Court. The stay has been imposed until June 18, and the film will not be released until then.Despite these obstacles, Junaid remains fully focused since stepping into the world of cinema. While awaiting the release of his first film, he has already completed shooting his second project alongside Sai Pallavi.
Additionally, he is preparing for his third film with Khushi Kapoor and is contemplating signing on for his fourth film, which has caught his interest.That’s right, the son of Mr. Perfectionist has carefully planned his career, with three films already signed and a fourth one under consideration. According to exclusive information, this fourth script is a light-hearted comedy inspired by the era of Hrishikesh Mukherjee.
The film would be a classic case of comedies like Amol Palekar’s “Gol Maal” and Gulzar’s “Angoor,” revolving around identity confusion as the main premise. This would likely mean that Junaid Khan would portray a double role in this comedic film, which has a hilarious title that would strongly resonate with audiences.While Junaid is enthusiastic about the idea of the film, he is still considering it before officially signing on the dotted line. However, the brilliant and well-structured premise of the film may make it difficult for him to let go. Furthermore, it would be a complete departure from his debut film “Maharaj.”Junaid Khan’s choices in films are indeed impressive.
He will begin with a controversial subject in YRF’s “Maharaj,” and the film alongside Sai Pallavi is reportedly titled “Ek Din,” which is a love story. The rom-com with Khushi Kapoor, titled “Loveyapa,” is said to be a remake of “Love Today.” Finally, the fourth film would be a classic confusion comedy.Junaid Khan’s diverse range of films showcases his versatility and his commitment to exploring different genres and characters. Despite the challenges faced with his debut film, he remains determined and focused on carving out a successful career in the film industry.

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