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What is Mr. & Mrs. Aamir Khan in Arunachal Pradesh up to?


If you check the latest buzz with the Dangal actor Aamir Khan, he is currently in the North East with his wife Kiran Rao. Well, if you dig a bit deep you realize that he is there in Arunachal Pradesh to celebrate his wife’s 43rd birthday which is falling on this November the 7th with his son Azad Rao Khan for the company. The trio will have a good get together for the birthday in Arunachal Pradesh.

If you believe the sources, both Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are no strangers to the North East. In fact, he had come earlier to celebrate his 40th birthday in Assam in a very big way. This year, he will be celebrating her birthday in seclusion as his other older kids Junaid and Ira are away to overseas. Also, one can even call this to be a mini holiday for Mr. Perfectionist with his wife Kiran thus allowing the two have quality time together.

We know Aamir Khan as Mr. Perfectionist and thus managing his wife’s birthday too holds no exception. This is not the first time when he has been here with his family. In 2013 too he was here and in 2016 she planned everything in a meticulous fashion. The fact is one needs proper research and planning along with getting permission to the places. Both Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are romantic in nature and thus prefer the seclusion for the special time.

The fact of the matter Aamir always went to the places wherein Kiran was keen to go. Kiran Rao had visited Tokyo last year since always wanted to be there. Hence in the year 2014, Aamir planned to go off to Japan for a fortnight for a long vacation, which has included the birthday celebrations. In the year 2015, Aamir Khan has visited for a couple of close friend at his Panchgani bungalow for the birthday Kiran.

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