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Moving In With Malaika: Time to answer trolls who call the actress ‘buddhi’ & talk about beau Arjun Kapoor

Moving In With Malaika is getting interesting with every new episode as the actress reveals things about her life, adding a pinch of humour to it. The actress is gonna speak on consistent trolling faced by her in the latest episode of her reality show. She showed her stand-up comedy skills with a power-packed performance. During her act, she spoke about the internet users who age-shamed her and brutally trolled the actress for dating Arjun Kapoor who is much younger than her.

While addressing the comments like buddhi, aunty, and cradle snatcher made on her, Malaika Arora said, “People feel jealous seeing me ageing like a fine wine. They suggest trying sarees saying you are getting old and when you wear a saree, they say they couldn’t identify you in so many clothes.”

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Moving In With Malaika: The actress next slams people who comment on her love life

The actress hits at people who say things about her romantic life and troll her for dating Arjun Kapoor. She said, “Here’s my PSA for all. I am not destroying his life. He isn’t a school kid who is not liking his studies. While we are on a date, it’s not like bunking a class. I did not catch him on the streets like catching a Pokemon. He is a grown-up man, guys. We are two adults who approve of each other.”

Malaika went on to say, “When an elder guy dates a younger girl, people call her player. On the other hand, when an elder woman dates a younger guy, they call her a cougar. That’s unfair for them.”

Lastly, the actress also spoke about trolls saying that she walks like a duck. “If my b** is tight and I can easily serve a seven-coarse meal, what’s wrong if I walk like a duck? Why shouldn’t I? I can wall like duck, cat, cheetah or anything coz I don’t give a d**k.”

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