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Moving In With Malaika: The actress talks about trolls and dramas in her life, says: ‘My nameplate should say divorced’

Moving In With Malaika is unravelling all the interesting things about Malaika Arora and her life with every new episode. The actress is seen battling her fears here. She fought her fear of performing stand-up comedy on stage in Wednesday’s episode.

During this episode, Malaika took assistance from a well-known comedian, Sumukhi Suresh, who directed her on how to perform stand-up comedy. Sumukhi stated, “In my opinion, we should discover topics like being a single mother, divorce, dating a younger guy, the trolls you face, and your accident. And we can call the whole standup period MILF.”

Malaika was surprised by this and quickly said, “You are not serious. I can’t. No way, nobody would take it well here. Anyway, I get chastised and trolled all the time. I can’t go with this.”

Sumukhi, in her response, replied, “MILF’s full form for you is Man, I Look Fabulous.” This impressed Malaika, and she got ready instantly.

The actress rehearses on the set

While the actress practices on the set, Sumukhi Suresh implies, “You have a lot of conflicts in your life.” Malaika smiles and adds, “I am a sucker for problems and dramas.” She then spoke about the most common terms people use while they troll her, ‘Buddhi & Aunty’. When they talked about her relationship with Arjun, the actress said she was always frank when speaking about dating a young person on stage. “I guess we should talk about it.”

 With Malaika- Sumukhi and Malaika Arora
Image Source: Hotstar

Moving In With Malaika concluded with a preview

This episode concluded with a preview where Malaika was seen doing stand-up comedy. Her sister Amrita Arora, Anusha Dandekar, Shibani Dandekar, and others were present. She was seen talking about her divorce from Arbaaz Khan. She said, “I am a mother, a daughter. But to this world, I am divorced, and I guess my house nameplate should also say divorced. I have moved on. My ex has also moved on. “When the F*** are you guys going to move on?”

Later, she is also seen taking Arjun Kapoor’s name and thanking him for not attending her performance; otherwise, all her actions would have been about Arjun moving in with Malaika.

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Moving In With Malaika airs Monday to Friday on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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