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Motivational speaker Imran khan Nagori raises awareness about coronavirus through his videos

Imran khan Nagori
Imran khan Nagori

The widespread of coronavirus across the world has created tension among everyone in the world. Things seem to be uncertain of getting back to normal anytime soon. In the crisis, many content creators are creating relevant and informative content for the audience. Entrepreneur and motivational speaker Imrankhan Nagori recently created a series of videos sharing his knowledge about the coronavirus. The videos shared by the life coach on his YouTube channel spoke everything about the symptoms and the precautions one must take to stay away from COVID-19.

In his video, Nagori revealed that the lockdown is the best step and the citizens must support it at this critical moment. He said that people can save lives simply by staying at home. While lockdown might be boring for many people, the entrepreneur said that time can be utilized by surfing online and gaining knowledge about the unexplored topics. “During this time, you can upgrade and boost yourself to be a better individual so that after the lockdown you come out as a person with a new skill”, he quoted. It is believed that it takes 21 days to form a habit. According to him, people can form new and good habits in lockdown as this valuable time won’t be coming again.
Further, the life coach has very well explained about the symptoms, the myths and the precautions to be taken during this crisis. He further explained that there’s no need to panic in this situation. In one of his videos, he said, “If you care for your family and near and dear ones, make sure to take all the proper measures and get yourself tested if you feel any symptoms of COVID-19. In his earlier video, Mr Nagori had given some valuable advice on how to utilize the time during the lockdown. Besides this, He is the Founder of MAKS Technologies Ltd, London, Founder & CEO of THS Mining Ltd, UK, Founder of Bitether – the first-ever CMC listed cryptocurrency in India. Moreover, he is the founder at MAK International, owner of Parshwa Greens Residency in Ahmedabad and merger appraiser and partner of TNC IT Group in Dubai and many more.
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