Motivational speaker Alan Lazar teaches people to have the right attitude in life

Alan Lazar
Alan Lazar

Press Release: Alan Lazar is an individual who inspires an entire generation of people to have the right attitude, hustle and achieve their dreams. By taking people through his own journey, talking about his achievements and failures, he motivates people to achieve big in the digital space.

He has appeared on several talk shows as a guest where he imparts his knowledge. His key TV show appearances include Tim Storey’s ‘World Shakers’. He also has his own marketing podcast which helps to take his message far and wide.

On his Instagram page, Alan sneaks out throwback pics, glimpses of his workplace where marketing legends can be seen up-close-personal. He also has witty memes that best describe the kicking attitude of this self-made millionaire. It is this attitude that Alan believes is his key to success.

A college dropout who began working as a telemarketer and went onto run his call center at New Delhi, India; Alan was an early adopter of digital marketing. “I had a call center in Delhi, India, and I could see the boom of online marketing. Hence, I switched paths and focused on online marketing when it was in its growing stage. It helped me develop better insights and drive a seven-figure income. I believe that if you are good at paid marketing, you can partner with any business,” states Alan. Today, his journey has helped him motivate several others to achieve their dream by believing in themselves.

Alan Lazar is also a man of unwavering faith. The personal side of this influential Instagrammer is truly exceptional. Alan gave away his Instagram handle @bible to world’s largest Bible app, without any second thoughts. This handle could have been sold for a large sum but this inspirational individual believes that this app would help millions of people learn about their faith. The journey of Alan Lazar is genuinely inspiring, and in his own words, “Simple but significant.”

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