Lifestyle influencer Huy Nguyen is passionate about both cars and his captions

Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen

There are lots of things people look for in an Instagram account that they want to follow. Of course, there should be something beautiful and exciting to look at. Maybe what’s in the images can be aspirational, expensive cars or trips to exciting places. Inspiring quotes can create a sizeable following as well. Lifestyle Influencer Huy Nguyen has put all of this. He has done everything that influencers do while still managing to stay true to himself along the way.
On his Instagram account, where he has over 10,000 followers, Nguyen documents his success. He has a passion for fast cars that he likes to share on the ‘Gram. Huy posts pictures of his white Lamborghini, showcasing the vehicle from different angles. He also shares inspirational quotes for his followers, helping them reach his level of success.

In the caption of one of several pictures of the car, he writes about the difference between broke people and successful people. He states that broke people watch television every day, never set goals, and blame others for their failures in life. Inversely, rich people read daily, embrace and adapt to change, and never stop learning.

“Becoming successful starts with the proper mindset,” Nguyen writes. “If you want to have more, become more. Start changing your mindset and watch how quickly success starts chasing you.”

Huy Nguyen has Insta stories that document him driving and enjoying different varieties of luxury cars. These include the Tesla Model X P100D, Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4, Nissan R35-GT-R, and Toyota Tundra 5.7L. He posts videos of the vehicle moving in slow motion, the engine purring, and his Tesla’s doors automatically opening skyward. He treats the high-end machines like his babies, and they’re impressive even if you don’t know much about automobiles.
Huy also gives glimpses of his travel on Instagram. In another Insta story, he shows us a trip to the UK with his wife. He remarks on how everything is ‘backwards’ and jokes about how people there drive on the wrong side of the street.
One of his long trips is across Europe, from the UK to France to Belgium to the Netherlands. He and his wife traveled by train, while his camera captured the beautiful countryside flashing outside. His followers find it exciting to live vicariously through him as he goes to these spots because the joy on his face is palpable.
Self-made millionaire and CEO of AMS ColdPro, LLC, Huy takes the time to share his wisdom to encourage his followers to achieve his level of success. “The gates to opportunity are never closed… they’re just locked,” he writes. “You just need to find the right key to open them up

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