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Mohalla Assi Uncensored Trailer: Stolen? or Is It a Publicity Stunt Splashing on Web

Sunny Deol's

The big name which is rolling all over the B town and of course amongst the fans nothing but like a fire, yes we are depicting about the much awaited trailer of Mohalla Assi which recently touched the air since few days and is Booming all over the B town. But, there’s still something which seems to be really strange for makers and last but not the least for the loving fans as well if we flew with the statements of a well known cum renowned Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan, who’s leading the role in Sunny Deol’s looming venture Mohalla Assi. Then, as per his statements the trailer is a leaked and uncensored version of the original one!! Sounds something really annoying isn’t? But, it’s indeed truth have a look on what he added further..

As per the sources – “The trailer which has found its way on the internet is an uncensored video. I’m baffled how the trailer was stolen from the editing room and how it was splashed on the web. We had tried our best to keep it under wraps, but I don’t know what kind of thinking this offender has who is out to destroy cinema” – Ravi Added. In addition to this he also stated that “This scene would definitely not feature in the film as I myself am a staunch devotee of lord Shiva.

You’ll get better clarity if you read Kashinath Singh’s Upanyas as to why such scenes were shot” – As per the sources. So, guys n gals though the statement added by Ravi sounds really annoying but on the other hand have taken a sizzling turn which is now magnifying all the viewers towards it. Let’s see what the makers are still hiding behind the scenes till the movie is on the floor.

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