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Mirzya Movie Review


Mirzya is evocative and passionate tale of love that can overwhelm the audience

This Friday, you have two films releasing, which certainly include the much hyped and awaited movie called Mirzya. The film is an epic fantasy romantic thriller, which is produced by Rakesh Omprakash Mehra under the banner of Cinestaan Film Company in association with ROMP Pictures. This film marks the debut of Harshavardhan Kapoor and Siayami Kher in Bollywood who are seen in the key roles in the film apart from having Anuj Choudhry, KK Raina, Art Malik, Anjali Patil and Om Purin supporting roles. The co-producer of the film happens to be the director of the movie, which is written by Gulzar, while the music is composed by the talented trio music directors – Shankar-Ehasan-Loy. Now, let’s have a look at the crux of the movie as under:


The film is inspired by a known love story of the past of Mirza-Sahiban, which happens to be a timeless folk story dealing two lovers coming forward to fall in love from different parallel worlds – the real and fictional. In other words, the folk tale has been pushed in towards the contemporary world showcasing the leading actors facing the music in the most dreaded fashion unlike the way we find in the folk tale. Thus the film cam be called as simple yet extremely layered love legend. The lovers in this film face what you find in any other love story.

While catching up the film, you will certainly remember the Aamir Khan starrer movie of 2006 called Rang De Basanti wherein you have two levels of storytelling, one that suits the period love story and the other is the contemporary world, which is somehow get inspired the same way as seen in the former film. The uniqueness of the film is the narrative format flow. It is both stylish and improvisational wherein one can find the lovers with a casual grace along with a disarming ardor. A good amount of film is catchy especially the lead actors who are not synthetic flaunting their bodies with their pack abs or curves but the real blood, sweat, flesh and other tough stuff remaining at the center of the same.

The film is blessed with a legendary writer like Gulzar who has used his pen so wisely that can be easily reflected from the dialogues of the lead actors they speak with their proprietary pride. The sound design is so exemplary that it is textured the best coming straight from the hearts of the lovers shown in the film.  In a sense one cannot be wrong in claiming that Mirzya is perhaps the most technically accomplished movie piece seen after a long gap in contemporary cinema. Thanks to the emotional content and visual landscape that remain so appealing to the feel of the characters.

Star performances

For both the lead actors Harshavardhan Kapoor and Siayami Kher, Mirzya marks the debut in Bollywood. However, the way the actors have performed in the film is simply awesome. The performance of Kapoor has been simply effervescent wherein he has simply matched his persona the way the character has demanded in the film. Saiyami Kher while playing the character of Suchitra is no cosmetic beauty in the film and has reminded us the performance of Kajol for being vivacious in her perofmance. In fact, both the actors facing the camera the first time have given unflinching performance hard to find in the list of debutants in B Town in the contemporary world. Anuj Choudhary as Suchitra’s royal fiancé is also good while playing the arrogant man but the real trendsetter is Anjali Patil while playing the character of Zeenat, others too remained as expected from their characters.

Direction, music, dialogues and others

Mehra has managed to control the action and journey from the childhood togetherness to a new emotional height giving an impression of a dexterous filmmaking effort. He is successful in blending things the best as the script demanded that escalated the content of the film to its zenith. The music of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy has been soothing and can be called as the life and breath of the film and the characters found in it to suiting their journeys. Every musical piece in the film seems to be a narrative that tells its own story. Talking about Gulzar, he is simply infallible; however, in this film he seems to have adapted some of the internal and external words from the film Wuthering Heights from Emily Bronte. The other elements remained par as the film demanded, which have together helped the film to maintain its tone and entertainment value par.

Mirzya – The Last Word

The film has some of the best visual landscape backed with great emotional content without affecting the link in between the feel of the characters. Interestingly the debutant actors away from the cosmetic beauty have managed to perform the best over silver screen. The director has taken special care to allow the film to showcase a simple saga of star crossed love backed with flummoxing flourish all together increasing the value of the rating of the film.

Rating -4.0



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