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Miquel Blázquez Font: A Sports Journalist and Lifestyle Influencer with perfection

Miquel Blázquez Font

Miquel Blázquez Font is an emerging sports journalist in Barcelona, Spain. But as said Rome was not built in a day, it took longer to get that sheen and aura that it has at the moment. So is the case of Font as he is growing high and big in his field to emerge soon as a competent and known sports journalist not just in his city but also in his country as well. His passion for sports led him to hear a lot about football on the radio when he was barely ten years of age. He soon developed the knack of understanding the commentaries of football matches.

At 16, he was lucky enough to get a visit to the radio station allowing him to get the insight about this place making him decide to enter into the field of sports journalism. After completing his graduation in Information Services from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He started working with local newspapers and local radio. Working in the newsrooms and radio, he explored his first love – sports focussing on football. In fact, he started working with Radio Kanal Barcelona at the age of 19 and still is linked with it managing the radio program, which is directed by Marçal Lorente.

This program deals offering all the daily sports update particularly about the Football. Besides, he has also collaborated with others in the field of sports broadcasts covering a wide range of matches like La Liga and Champions League of the Futbol Club Barcelona. His presence in sports journalism also gave him a decent exposure to social media. His popularity in social media helped him emerge as an influencer. Now, he is seen leveraging this field the best allowing many of the media people to get the best into sports journalism and lifestyle influencer.



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