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Mika Singh Slap Fiasco- Know why the singer slapped the Doc?

Mika Singh slap controversy

When Mika Singh slapped the doctor at one of the concerts in New Delhi, everyone wanted to know the reason why this happened. Unlike the past, he is often known to catch eyeballs for all wrong reasons. He is therefore booked for hitting a doctor in the said concert. Now, better check out why the singer slapped the doctor. Well, as per the singer, he called the doctor for some activities, however, he soon found the doctor misbehaving with the ladies.

He clarified in the statement he said that he always respected ladies and see to it that they along with the children get enough space to dance and enjoy the show. He has asked the doctor to step aside as he was coming in the way of ladies and the singer noticed him misbehaving with the ladies, which made him lose the temper. He said the ladies who were dancing close to him were bogged down by a small group of the men . The singer got the request from the ladies, which they kept on ignoring.

The doctor was drunk and was seen swearing over the singer and showing his middle finger. Mika then called him at the stage and reminded him if he can do the same before his family. He continued doing the same, which made everyone feel that he is drunk and hence going of his limit. When he did the same, Mika lost his cool and slapped him.

In his statement, he has people not to perceive in a negative way especially when he did things to give protection to some women. He said that he cannot stand mute seeing the vulnerable women being disturbed and bogged down by men. He said that media often targets him in an unfair way, leading to problems. He appeal to see things right and asked media to cover the truth rather making things bad for him.

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