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MIKA SINGH BIRTHDAY: That is why Mika Singh forcibly kissed Rakhi Sawant on his B’day, disclosed after years

Mika and Rakhi

Bollywood singer Mika Singh is celebrating his birthday today. Mika Singh is counted among the most successful singers of Bollywood. He has given a lot of hit songs. But his name is also associated with controversies with these songs. 14 years ago, during the celebration of his birthday, he did something, after which his name was discussed on every tongue. Even after many years have passed, people have not forgotten this controversy of Mika. In the party, Mika forced Rakhi Sawant, which became headlines overnight, but do you know why Mika did it?

After many years of this incident, Mika Singh opened the secret from this curtain. He told that after all he did this with Rakhi Sawant? Mika told in an interview that I had kept my birthday party in a pub in Mumbai Andheri. I had invited only a few people to this party. Among them were famous music director Ashish Sherwood. I did not call Rakhi because I knew about her behavior. But she came with Ashish and started being very friendly with me. But I did not mind it. I was enjoying the party.

Mika further explained that everything was going well. Rakhi Sawant was also enjoying the party. But things got worse when Rakhi tried to put cake on my face. I had skin allergies. I told everyone not to put cake on my face. But as soon as I refused to cut the cake, Rakhi began to forcefully put cake on my face. Because of this I got angry. In anger, I also kissed her in front of everyone to teach a lesson. After this Rakhi created a fierce commotion.

Mika has come into contortion due to another kiss. This matter was about Kapil Sharma’s show. After the show, Mika shared a picture with Bipasha and claimed that Bipasha kissed her. However, Bipasha was angered by this. Bipasha told that she did not give Mika but Dadi (Ali Asgar) on the show.

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