Monday, January 17, 2022
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Mika arrested for Slapping a Delhi Based Doctor

mika arrested

Mika Singh is often known for wrong reasons as well, unlike the way he did make headlines for slapping a Delhi based doctor in an event organized by the IMA. Mika who was there for one of the event organized by Indian Medical Association expressed was seen slapping a doctor while dancing on the floor. Interestingly, Rakhi Sawant who has been the victim of this man was seen expressing her grief over his arrest. According to the controversy queen, the singer slapped the doctor in New Delhi as he was misbehaving with a female over the floor.

She said that the singer has narrated her the entire incident how the doctor was drunken and was misbehaving with the female artists. According to her, the doctor even pushed the bodyguards of Mika to get a picture clicked with the singer. She further compared the doctor with a terrorist who simply registered the complaint against Mika for getting publicity. The singer was seen slapping the doctor at the said concert of IMA in full public view, while his video of assaulting the doctor went viral on the social media sites, which made the arrest. However, amidst all these affairs, the person who is deeply frustrated is Rakhi Sawant, well another reason to be in a limelight for her.

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