Friday, January 28, 2022
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Health Ministry orders Doctors To Write Prescription In Capital Letters

The doctor’s handwriting has been always the matter of concern apart from being the joke in professional circles. However, it’s time for doctors in India to change their habit of writing in lower cases to capital letters. As per the new rule all set to embark by the Health Ministry, the doctors are now supposed to write in capital letters while they jot down the prescription for their patients.

The new rule also suggest the doctors to suggest medicines available at lower cost rather than the bigger and expensive brands, which they keep on suggesting their patients for their own vested interest. The Health Ministry is all set to send out a gazette notification under the MCI regulations asking them to write the prescription in capital letter for clarity and legibility apart from writing down the generic drugs to them. This has brought forth issues, which even include serious threats to human life.

As per reports, in US alone, more than 100,000 errors are found in medical prescriptions. Though India has no formal data on this but have sizable amount of people who have suffered due to this problem. As per the ministry, this will be a cheaper option to the electronic health records, which will take some time to get effective in our day to day prescprition by doctors.

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