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Rightly said, “Follow your Passion , Be prepared to work hard and sacrifice and above all don’t let anyone limit your dreams.”

With same passion and enormous hard work, an Indian Social Media Star Saurav Soni from Delhi, has earned popularity through the lip-syncing app, TikTok ,and is considered as one of the popular TikTok stars in India. With the humongous popularity on social media, Saurav Soni Official has also collaborated with several commercials. He creates content on Fashion, Fitness, Food and Lifestyle. Saurav is officially verified content creator on many video platforms such as Likee, Helo, Roposo, Zili & many more with a fan base of more than 17 million. He started making videos as a beginner but later on, with his strong dedication and constant love and support from his fans, his content went viral day by day and then he tooled it as his profession. He had done MBA in event management and have an Event management Agency as well.

As the two sides of a single coin, one always find both positivity and negativity in his or her work. Initially, Saurav too faced negative things and challenges but later on with strong passion, he overcame all of them and touched heights.

Fashion is always outrageous, in different times. One can buy fashion but Style is something that one possess. Young creators and Fashion stars like Saurav Soni believes, style is something you use to express not to impress ,he is a motivation for the present generation who teach us to dedicate ourselves to our lives and to be passionate and determined towards our work. As Saurav said in one of his interviews, “Never Say No and Never Lose Hope” you should be ready to accept every challenge and twist and turns of your life.

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