Ishita Banik, the best-selling author in romance-thriller, talks about the rapidly evolving Indian literature

Ishita Banik

There was a time, when people used to be more inclined to watch movies than reading a book, but that time passed soon with the rapidly changing literature in India. There was a revolutionary change holding the hands of the new Indian authors who started focussing on the genres, teenagers and youngsters will be more interested in. Ishita Banik, a new addition to the Indian romance authors, has not only focused on the romantic part but also, she has started her journey by putting great effort in building suspense in her novels. Her debut novel ‘If We Last’ became a hit in no time and since that time she has been working with the main two genres of her choice- romance and thriller. Ishita Banik says, “The Indian literature has a very wide audience. It starts from the light reads like college romance to the more serious or complex topics. It is very challenging to make them choose novels over Netflix. But once you target the proper audience, you will get to see so many book-lovers are there who still prefer novels over movies.”

Ishita Banik has just published her two other romance and thriller novels, ‘Till We Last’ and ‘The City of Tunes.’ She dropped her higher studies a few years back to give more time to writing and she keeps giving her inspirational messages through the social media.

Ishita Banik believes in dreaming and aiming high and make them real in the course of time.

In her words, “The purpose of our lives are greater than what we think it to be. There is nothing as beautiful as self-discovery. You must find out that one thing you are meant for.”

Ishita Banik is not only fond of writing, but she loves to handle all the work by her own, starting from book cover designing to marketing.

Currently she is working on her next novels and she is all excited for launching her upcoming novel by this year.

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