Meet Karan Dhakan, the 25 year old entrepreneur, who’s achieving milestones like he’s 50!

Karan Dhakan, a small town boy from Gujarat, is the next motivation you need in life.
Growing up in a business oriented family, he got involved with work only when he was 15! Working closely, with no prior knowledge, he very strategically exposed himself to work environments to understand what interests him.

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During his teenage life, he did multiple jobs in different industries like electronics, educational, food and beverage, media and jewellery, which is his family business.
While working these jobs, he acquired the skills to sell anything! He decided then that he only wanted to do sales for his career.

After gaining necessary skills and experience there, he completed his bachelor’s degree in International Management and his Msc in Management from the UK to start his own struggle in the real world. He worked as a real estate broker realizing everyone starts from the bottom, and opened his own company at ONLY 22!

He is now settled in Dubai, with the life he’s always dreamt of having, achieving his millionaire goals before he even turns 30! We should be expecting him on the Forbes under 30 list any day now!

We can all always take inspiration from people like him, who really don’t allow any obstacles to get in their way.

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