Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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An entrepreneur who spends his time as a lifestyle influencer and is fluent in over 5 languages, meet Jivan Mizuri!

Jivan Mizuri

Jivan Qasim Saleem Mizuri would be a familiar name in the entrepreneurial world but now the 28 year old is on his way to become a life style influencer. He hails from the Kurdistan region and has seen more hardships than most people can even imagine.

Jivan faced alot of criticism when he talked to people about how he wanted to influence people but he never gave up on his dream, on top of that Jivan is linguist with fluency in multiple languages and when asked the reason behind it, he shared,” for many years my family had to live as refugees in different countries as a result of war amongst the neighboring nations, I wanted to communicate with them and figure out the reason for conflict. It was my biggest motivation and now I speak Arabic, Persian, Turkish, English and now am learning Spanish. I am able to pick up languages very fast so now I take advantage of it and learn as much as I can.”

When asked about his special interest in religious works, he replied,
“I come from a Muslim family, its true but when I read the Quran and the Bible, I came to the conclusion that all religions say the one thing and there is no hate in any of them.”

Jivan Mizuri is fond of religious works and has completely memorized the Qur’an Ayats as well as Bible verses.

Jivan Mizuri has been working on building his empire for the last couple of years and now he motivates others to follow their dreams and help them achieve their goals. He is the founder of the company B&J subsidiaries which was founded only two years ago.

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