Meet Fashone Woodland AKA Rapper “Ayoo KD” who has taken over the Rap Music industry by storm

Ayoo KD

Some artists come and go, while there is some artist who comes and dominates the place. Today we like to introduce you to one such artist who has taken the music industry by storm and dominated it. Fashone Woodland, who is popularly known by his stage name Ayoo KD is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois has become the hot topic of the rap music industry these days. He caught the attention of raise to fame after producing a song and accompanying video dissing the New York rapper Bobby Shmurda. His diss video went viral and caught the eye of the many famous Hip-Hop artists.

Ayoo KD started his rap career as a “Drill Rapper” from Chicago. Later he moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he grabbed the attention of the Hip Hop community by consistently releasing music and videos with known names throughout the city. Fashone Woodland AKA Ayoo KD is famous for his diss songs amongst the fans. His diss feud against Bobby Shmurda gained so much hype and attention of the media and the music industry.

Fashone Woodland is a former member of Gangster Disciples, after changing his life around he launched a surf movement to promote the sport, and to raise awareness against violence. He is amongst the celebrities who are very socially active and try to change and work for the betterment of society. He is a personality which is somewhat socially active. For instance, Fashone Woodland is a supporter of a healthy way of living and different kinds of sports among youngsters. He is also known as a person who is firmly against social injustice and is ready to put efforts to fight with it. Due to this strong support to truth and justice he has appeared in the limelight struggling for the clearness of the real Chicago style of hip-hop.

Ayoo KD is one such young talented artist, who uses his fame and limelight for the betterment of society. He works so much harder to bring justice in peoples live. His amazing social, humanitarian gesture makes him one of a kind and favorite of everyone. We wish him more success and happiness in his life.

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