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Meet Biirchin: A true Philanthropist Creating Pathways to Help Society Better through his Initiatives

Having an entrepreneurial mindset is not just about investing right and making profits out of it. Successful entrepreneurs often portray and fulfill their responsibilities towards society, reflecting a true philanthropic leader in them. It takes passion, obsession, confidence, determination, and a planned strategy to run a business efficiently. One such personality is Bavuusuren Chuluunbaatar, who has carved his way out as the finest example of someone with a perfect blend of philanthropy and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Commonly known as Biirchin, Bavuusuren is the founder of two successful ventures under the name Virtual Union LLC, a leading digital marketing and IT firm based in Mongolia. He is also the CEO and founder of Dragon’s Breath Mongolia, a food venture that serves its customers delectable bubble tea and ice cream. Besides, this Mongolian entrepreneur has utilized his digital marketing and information technology skills to such an extent that he ended up bagging the leading young businessman award two times in a row.

Talking about his philanthropic initiatives, Biirchin has been contributing resources like bags and notebooks to school children for the past 5 years. He also plans to donate five robots, a product by KYH Smart Technology, to hospitals as part of his benevolence and generosity. Besides, Biirchin also aims to impart what he has learnt through years of experience by building an online learning platform in collaboration with a European franchise. This initiative by Biirchin is said to benefit students, companies, and the government through IT skills, which are highly in demand.

Delving deeper into his professional career, Biirchin is also an AR Specialist and a podcaster known for his show HR Management Lab’s Podcast Speaks, wherein he shares his life’s struggles with the audience, the first episode of which went on air on March 15, 2020.

Following his love for computers since his teenage days, Biirchin decided to obtain his qualifications in his field of interest. After studying IT Engineering at the Huree University of Information and Communication Technology, Biirchin began his professional journey with Mongol Mining as an IT Engineer. He then worked with Empasoft as a system administrator before starting his own company, Virtual Union, in 2013. Bavuusuren is a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator as well.


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