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Meeruthiya Gangsters Movie Review

meeruthiya-gangsters movie review

Poor Plot, amateur direction and acting keeping the audience pull their hair

This Friday, the audience has choices from the list of diverse movies. This certainly include the film called Meeruthiya Gangsters starring a slew of actors including Jaideep Ahlawat, Vansh Bhardwaj, Aakash Dahiya, Chandrachoor Rai, Shadab Kamal, Sanjay Mishra, Jatin Sarna, Nushrat Bharucha, Brijendra Kala, Ishita Sharma, Malkhan Singh, Mukul Dev, and Soundarya Sharma. The film is directed and produced by the talented actor of Gangs of Wasseypur called Zeishan Quadri. The film is his debut venture after working in a couple of movies since past two years, which calls under crime comedy. Now, let’s find out the gist of the same.


It is a story of six college buddies based in Meerut in UP. After completing their college, they are on a job hunt campaign and later wanted to do a business but needed money for the same, which they lack. Soon they embark with an idea of coming out with a kidnapping idea and thus soon end up kidnapping a well to do businessman. Their first kidnapping becomes a successful affair as they are able to get the demanded ransom amount. On receiving the money, they plan to give a party to a zonal head of a company where they intend to find a job as bribe even without the MBA degree.

After the party, they realise the company is a fraud and hence they are seen kidnapping its regional manager in order to get their money lost in their gala time. Sanjeev, whose uncle is a real estate agent embarks with an idea to get two crores in order to start their own business. However, with their next kidnapping they land up into trouble as inspector RK Singh played by Mukul Dev tries to catch them followed by a cat and mouse change along with cheating and back stabbing activities, which make the story thick.

Script Analysis

Script is the last thing, which the director has even thought of considering. Thus you find no effort from the novice director to put value in the live of these six protagonists. You hardly find any background being established by any of these characters in the form of family or personal life except adding one love angle, which seemed forced one. The female characters in the film have hardly any value in it. It talks about Meerut and goons the city produces especially the young ones who lead a callous life without worrying about the future and implications of the wrong they have committed. This city trains every kid the idea of loading and unloading any gun along with playing with the same. Amidst all this, there is humour as well, which seems to have added in it, which makes the film too miserable to digest. The female characters remains futile in it movie as they forcefully are seen flaunting their cleXvages for no reason and thus the idea of playing the stereotypes of such character goes in vain. Amidst all the mess, you find the film finishing with its first half giving audience nothing but sheer of waste of time. Similar is the story of second half, which mostly engrosses in the cat and rat race with a very weird kind of climax.

Star Performances

Though Jaideep Ahlwat and Aakash Dahiya are among the two familiar faces having tangible experience in acting, they were able to give a good performances, while rest remained too dump failing to impress the audience. In fact, most of them remained too overwhelmed to star in the movie being a protagonist. Talking about Mukul Dec, he simply seemed the worst in the movie as his character of a cop was backed by ham acting. Despite being experienced in B Town, he remained backbencher in the film and ironically seemed too ordinary over the silver screen; however, Nushrat Bharucha was seen decent over her performance. Lastly, don’t forget to check another decent performance from Sanjay Mishra who was seen in a cameo remained incredible.

Direction, Music & Technical Elements

Though Zeishan Quadri can be called a good actor with several awards for his debut performance in Gangs of Wasseypur and its sequel, however, in terms of director, he seems to have failing in this venture. Quadri was seen missing a number of vital points, wherein he being a filmmaker is supposed to make the difference. With shaky camera angles, his direction simply went from bad to worse. The film lacked a proper script, which managed to do better for the audience forget about getting a high score about his direction and filmmaking skills. Similar is the story with the music and other technical elements, which make things bad to worse.

Meeruthiya Gangsters Last Word

Meeruthiya Gangsters is supposedly a crime comedy, which is nothing but a mess without anything. Forget about the humour, which seemed implanting in the film artificially will certainly not allow you to laugh but cry giving too many loo breaks. At times, it also becomes indigestible to bear the punches and humour from it. In nutshell, it encompasses amateur direction, poor plot, weak story, lowly acting and dull music, which together ruins the entire film to nothing. In other words, the film is an easily avoidable movie, which caters a haphazard kind of story with nothing comedy about it.

Rating -1.5

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