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Katti Batti Movie Review

Katti Batti Movie Review

The Live-in Relationship Tale Too Boring to Digest

This Friday, you have too many movie options for the audience to catch, which certainly include Katti Batti. The film has Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut in the lead roles, while it is directed by Nikhil Advani and produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur under the banner of UTV Motion Pictures. The films revolves around the lives of the lead actors who are into live-in relationship since past five years and their habits and things they do in their day to day life and thus Katti Batti falls under a romantic comedy film. Let’s get into the crux of the film as under:


Katti Batti can be called as a modern day romance, which carries a young architect called Madhav Kabras played by Imran Khan who is in love with a free spirited girl called Payal played by Kangana Ranaut. They seem to be a perfect couple until they encounter a sudden turn of events, which create certain unanswered distance between the two. Payal is seen quitting the relationship considering Madhav to be ill mannered in his day to day activity at home. With her quitting, he realises how he misses her and makes all attempt to get back her in his life by wooing her with series of activities, which in return tests the destiny of their relationship.

Script Analysis

In one sentence, you can call this fill with too many loopholes, which can only occur when a story is written in haste and Katti Batti is a classic example of this. You cannot call this film to be anywhere close to the modern day romantic drama. You cannot call Live In Relationship to be a fascinating event and thus the script seemed only interested in showing the pretty home along with a couple of cuddly moments of the two in bed along with pillow fights, etc. The way the film was promoted raised expectations of people to get a new and unique story, but alas, the opposite is true. The first half is simply about the breakup montage along with a couple of romantic flashbacks. The second half goes around the mess Payal creates after leaving him and his efforts to woo the girl. In nutshell the film is hollow enough to carry anything worthy to be discussed here.

Star Performances

If you have come with expectation about Kangana, you will be certainly going to be dismayed to catch this film. Kangana Ranaut failed to step into the character of the given film and so was the case with Imran. The fact is Kangana simply failed to understand the character right and portray the best over the silver screen unlike the way she did in her previous movies. Hence her tag of a versatile actress simply is gutted down giving an ordinary show over the silver screen. Except to catch her dolled up face in the movie, there is not much to catch about her in the movie. Similar is the case with Imran who looks no new with this film. In fact, after a couple of years of gap when he is back on the silver screen he is the same ordinary and typical acts, which he seemed in his earlier movies. Lastly, the supporting cast too remained too weird to be discussed here with anyone.

Direction, Music and other Technical Stuff

With a dump script the direction too has been similar in a larger extent. Nikhil chose a wrong man to entertain the audience, who has failed miserably; in fact, even Kangana has to be blamed equally for the same. Though Nikhil managed to do some justice with certain romantic scenes and moments, however, looking at the larger picture, you can end up getting dismayed. Talking about the editing aspect of the film, the team has only worked for the song Kissiyaan song, while other sequences remained dragging for too long draining the audience. Similar was the story with music, which seemed uneven for the film, some cool music seen for some songs, while others witnessed a bad ones.

Katti Batti- The Last Word

Katti Batti is a film with too many loopholes, which is not just a stale, insensible and boring kind of film, which seems nothing but a mockery of love, romance and relationship thanks to the crassness the film has. However, the lead stars of the film seemed doing some bit to portray the things better, otherwise, the film has been gutted into a filthy mess. Hence the film doesn’t really deserve much better rating for the elements like script, content, music, editing, direction and other things.

Rating – 2.5

Manoj L


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