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“Meditation” helping Biggboss Contestant Vivek Mishra to spend quarantine days.

Vivek Mishra

Former Biggboss contestant Vivek Mishra says he is doing a lot of meditation to spend quarantine days.

“We all are a difficult time and we are really not sure what will happen tomorrow. It’s really difficult for every one of us to be at home all the hours with no luxury. But I’m spending my time doing meditations and finding it very helpful to pass my free time during quarantine,” said Vivek in a statement.

Mishra has also urged people to be safe and listen to the government. Giving some tips he said, “I’m trying to keep my home sanitized. We don’t allow anyone to visit us. Also, we have given all our helps a paid holiday. Even we have helped them with food grain and other necessities. And have asked them to be home at any cost. He urged people to avoid using leather bags. And ask them to use jute ones or the one made of cloth. He urges to wash and clean things before consuming or taking into use. If masks are not handy or overpriced, but a cotton or Khadi gamcha and use it to cover your mouth and get it washed every day. He asked to use salt and warm water in washing. He lastly urges to help poor and innocent animals. And spend time with family and worship for a safe and healthy tomorrow.”

Vivek Mishra is known for playing important roles in Bollywood movies like Mangal Pandey: The Rising and Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai.

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