5 Sunglasses That Every Movie Buff Should Have

The reel world is fascinating for most of us. Whatever gets on-screen becomes trendy in no time. There are also a few things that go down into history and earn themselves the iconic status. If you’re someone who follows movies closely, then we are sure you also take delight in buying outfits and other things sported by classic characters.

In doing this, you can’t go easy on sunglasses! After all, they have played an essential role in lending these characters their typical look. So, when you wish to feed your filmy fetish, check out the range of Ray Ban sunglasses women and men and that of few other popular eyewear brands.

Leonardo DiCaprio


To help you with the same, here we have picked a few sunglasses flaunted by famous movie characters that caught the fancy of many-

Happening like Audrey Hepburn

The stylish lady of Breakfast at Tiffany’s played by Audrey Hepburn left her unique mark in the fashion circuit. What became a part of her trademark look was brown tortoise shell-shaped sunglasses. Those of you who still admire her style quotient, check Ray Ban Sunglasses women range and buy yourself one. Sporting such a pair will make you look every bit glamorous like the iconic Miss. Holly from this Hollywood flick.

Audrey Hepburn Sun glass
Audrey Hepburn Sun glass

Dashing and Dabangg

Think of Salman Khan’s character in Dabangg, and you can’t forget the typical Aviators he flaunted on screen. While Aviators always had a trendy appeal to them, but the movie gave these sunglasses an all-new mass following.

Many people even recall this style of sunglasses as Dabangg goggles. What’s best about this pair is its unisex look. So, get these glares and sport an edgy and filmy look instantly.

Dabangg goggles
Dabangg goggles

 Winsome Like the Wolf of Wall Street

Remember Leonardo striding in style wearing all black rectangle-shaped glasses in The Wolf of Wall Street? If yes, we’re sure that his look must have got you hooked in the first place. Sporting such sunglasses, he looked winsome every bit. Such a pair of sunglasses will complement both your formal and casual look, and you will instantly come across as a dynamic man.

Not only are these glasses befitting for men, but they even give a refreshing look to the ladies. If you liked Parineeti’s look from Hasee to Phasee, you too could team up your outfit with such a pair from Ray-Ban sunglasses women range or any such brand.

Sun Glass
Sun Glass

Dreamy Like Raj

If you are a movie buff, you cannot forget DDLJ’s Raj. After all, he is considered the ultimate lover boy of Bollywood. What added extra charm to his look was a pair of round sunglasses that became a huge rage after the release of the film. If you, too, want to bring out your dreamy lover lookout for the world to acknowledge, then you too should grab a pair of round sunglasses.

These glasses come in many different tints, with each looking unique and stylish. Off lately, even actresses like Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, and Esha Gupta have flaunted these glares in their movies. So, you too can plan to flaunt these at the next party, and we are sure you’ll turn heads around.

DDLJ Type Sun Glass
DDLJ Type Sun Glass

Cruise Your Way

Well, we all know how Tom Cruise is a class apart. That is why people drool over him for his personality. His character in Mission Impossible perfectly nails the spy look with a pair of wayfarer sunglasses that became a huge fashion trend ever since then. If you are a Tom Cruise fan, then these sunglasses surely deserve to be on your shopping list. Carry your unique personality, but add these glares for looking as handsome as Cruise.

What’s interesting is that even women celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Neha Dhupia are flaunting such rectangular sunglasses now. So, if you too want to a chic look, then go ahead and buy from Ray Ban sunglasses women range and get your style on point.

Cruise Sun Glass
Cruise Sun Glass

Sunglasses for a Filmy and Fashionable Look

It is fun trying to create an on-screen character’s look on yourself. What can be the ultimate add-on is a stylish pair of sunglasses. Popular brands like Fastrack and Ray Ban, as made available by reliable eyewear retailer brands like Titan Eye Plus, will give you a vast array of options to choose from. They even provide their products online and offer one of the best after-sales services in the category. From Ray Ban sunglasses women range to that of other popular brands, you can browse through and choose a pair that befits your style quotient.

So, pick stylish sunglasses and look like your favorite movie character.

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