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Mardani Movie Review

The much-awaited movie to watch Rani Mukherji in a different avatar called Mardani is all set to embark in theatres, coming Friday on 22nd August. Under the productions of Yash Raj Films, directed by Pradeep Sarkar, featuring Rani Mukherjee as leading role, Jishu Sengupta, Thahir Raj Bhasin, etc, while the music is given by Julius Packiam. Check out Rani in an avatar never seen before, wherein she is seen as a crime branch officer dealing with a case of Child Trafficking and busting the racket working behind this menace found in the society. In India wherein you witness more than 40,000 kids being abducted and smuggled every year, making such movie to create awareness amongst the people about this issue and empowering women in our society is really a good idea. Indeed the statistics of child trafficking in India is very much alarming wherein you would find a girl child missing every eight minute.

Though the theme and production house of YRF do not match each other as this company has been producing movies more on the subjects like love, romance and friendship but changing the track really seems appreciable. Thats called responsibility, which any big banners like YRF seems to be accomplishing by embarking with a movie like Mardani. The movie simply revolves around a lady cop called Shivani Shivaji Roy, which is being played by Rani Mukherji. She is an astute police officer in Mumbai Crime Branch, who is known for checking the hidden clues along with confronting the hard-core criminals in most of ruthless manner the way these elements deserve the treatment.

The script of the movie seems to be straight and very much realistic in an Indian society wherein we all live having so many cases of child trafficking. The cop has her little niece called Meera to whom the lady cop is very much protective. Another teenager called Pyari seen in the movie is just like a daughter to Rani, who is unfortunately kidnapped by a trafficking mafia, who’s then smuggled this girl to another city. Rani takes up this life changing case in her hand and seen taking a long and wild chance to nab the criminal behind this abduction. The mafia kingpin Walt simply calls this lady inspector who simply inquire as to what can stop this cop to chase this mastermind.

Shivani has no clue about this mafia kingpin, but she poses a challenge to catch him alive within 30 days. This challenge then follows a cat and rat game between police and ruthless mafia kingpin. The man who’s behind the entire business of Child Trafficking is malicious and cruel who sees nothing wrong in this trade. For him, it is just another recreational business, wherein he supplies young girl to his clients to suffice their carnal desire. Virtually you may find this man to be the 12th match of any cricket team, however, as you see this man in the movie, he’s one of the most merciless and a man with stone heart. The movie is all about hide and seeks of this man and the diehard efforts of Rani to catch him dead or alive.

Mardani Review Final words :

As far as performance of different character, Rani has left no stone unturned to give her best in Mardani. In fact, she has even approached the ATS chief to find out some lady cops in Crime Branch Mumbai Police and thus invested lots of her time studying their lifestyle and ways they deal in their daily chores. Her efforts to replicate a realistic approach in the movie were successful to bring out the best of her performances. In fact, if you remember her playing the flamboyant journalist in No One Killed Jessica, you would have no two thought about her acting performance, which she has once again showcased in Mardani. While Tahir Bhasin in the role of Walt has been incredible, at least if you look any novice playing such ruthless character so well, he can be given good score for playing this role so nicely. Though Mardani is a music-less film yet you have the choice to enjoy it to some extent amidst loads of action from Rani.

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