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‘Manjhi – The Mountain Man’: An Inspiration Pulled By Bihar Government Made Tax Free


Manjhi’­ – A movie which is govern by the person who’s alone capable of grooving the entire movie at a stretch, yes we are talking about the dashing personality of Bollywood and a leading star in the movie Nawazuddin Siddiqui. And as expected with the sensational cum magnifying waves of trailer it was actually sure that, even if the movie rolls all over the B town just for a while but one day it will rock the theatres. So, guess what guys the movie have started grounding some poles of attraction that won’t be easily removed from Indian cinemas. Check out the initial poles which are grounded just now and are trending over the globe.

As per the sources, it is said that Bihar government on Thursday morning declared that it was waiving entertainment tax on the Ketan Mehta-directed movie “Manjhi – The Mountain Man” featuring ‘Nawazuddin Siddiqui’ as one of the most entertaining guy in the movie which will touch the air on 21st August 2015. However, if we movie along with the sources then check out the official added statement over here.. “The cabinet said the movie is based on the life of real hero Manjhi, whose inspirational story tells that a person can execute the biggest work with determination even when resources are scarce. It encourages the viewers to see human life in the right perspective and inspires them as well as the society,” – Sinha said. – As per the sources.

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